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A macOS application to quickly find and bookmark important shortcuts for all your favourite applications. Find shortcuts for browsers , IDEs & the operating system itself. Discover shortcuts for you didn't know existed and boost your productivity.

Dabble Deploy

A no-code solution to build and deploy Amazon Alexa skills. No need to install additional programs or fiddle with the terminal. Deploy a range of pre-baked templates or deploy your template.

Sizzy Butler

Butler is a Sizzy command-line tool inspired by macOS Spotlight, Alfred, Krunner, and VSCode's Command Palette. Butler gives you easy keyboard access to most Sizzy features. No need to navigate menus and click icons anymore.

BodyShop Booster Voice Assistant

An intelligent IVR that can schedule appointments for auto work , deliver messages , deliver information and record voice messages. Built using Twilio Autopilot the voice bot assists customers even when the executive is away from the phone.

RAS Learning

A bot that helps students evaluate the financials of their business ideas. Based on their conversation with the bot a detailed report is sent to the user with an analysis of their business idea.

Love Waves

Generate beautiful art from audio recordings or songs. Up to 4K resolution is supported for the generated images. A custom caption can be added to the generated image for personalization.